If money discussions are making you nervous or anxious, you need to start talking about your finances more, not less.

Start including topics of spending and saving in your regular conversations, whether with a spouse or trusted friend. For women, traditionally being smart with money has meant knowing how to stretch the family dollar. Women today still make most of the household purchases and continue to look for deals. A high percentage of women clip coupons and buy in bulk to save money after all, sales and coupons provide the instant gratification of saving. Being financially keen doesn’t have to be about making more money just to increase your account balance. Think about money differently; think of it as a tool to help you achieve your goals, to take care of yourself and to do things for the people you love! Women are now taking control of their financial destiny and are becoming self-directed investors. They are taking an active role and growing more confident in their financial abilities which are allowing them a means of living the life of their dreams!

Plan to Succeed

As millennials, 50% of us believe that the social security that the government provides will not exist when we reach retirement age, we believe that it will run dry once we reach that stage in our lives. There is no other time like the present to grab a hold of our future security and plan for the known. Many investing tips that one has read in magazines or other financial literature suggest saving just $50 a month, which can then turn into $600 in one year, resulting in $6000 in ten years. But why wait for ten years to go by to have $6000, when I can show you how to set aside $57 bi-weekly, which results in $5000 in one year! Don’t feel like you can’t reach your financial goals in your life, take the time to build your confidence with a strategic plan.