Finding a healthy life balance is a huge issue in our society. At a time when we are quick to connect to what matters most, there are still gaps that are sometimes bigger than we realize between what we say is the most important and the way we actually spend two of our most valuable resources time and money.

Have you ever pulled out your calendar planner, chequebook or credit card statement just to look at when you have spent your time and money over the last few months? Through observation and study over the many years I have been in the financial industry, it has become apparent to me that work, family, relationships, time and money are not separate areas of our lives, but essential elements of a very complex system.

While various events, both personally and socially, may cause the pendulum to swing getting us to draw our attention to the one element or another, the bigger picture and our own experience affirms work, family, relationships, time, health and money are all important, and you can’t sustain quality of life balance without the connection to all areas.

Work Matters– Work is not just a job, it is our way of sustaining ourselves and our families. It isn’t “Are you having fun at work?” it’s how we contribute and how we nurture the creative within us.

Family Matters- Family is the fundamental principle of personal happiness. Family is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

Relationships Matter-Relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects or people are related, or the state of being connected. In this way, you can see how many different types of relationships there are. Relationships of value lead to a healthier you. 

Time Matters- Time is the language of value and the commerce of life balance. The way we spend our resource of time reflects our ability to consistently focus on and achieve our highest priorities.

Health Matters– Your personal health priorities as your individual life stage will help you manage your life balance. Make conscious choices in all aspects of your health, from nutrition to exercise to a ritual that works for you, to find inner peace and live a life free of disease. 

Money Matters– Money is a language of value and is related to almost every decision we make in our lives. Our personal values to money and manifested in the value we place on the things money can buy and also on the values others place on our time and our life energy. When you are driven by the “Why?” you will be more motivated to act, and all of your financial choices will move you in the same direction.

Our” Discovery Process” leads you to better understanding of your own personal values in relation to al areas of your life, guiding you to love your life according to what is most important to you. “And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”. Abraham Lincoln.

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