Life Matters

A new service available at LR Future Investments and Insurance is titled “Life Matters: Strategies for Personal Success”. This involves a process to assess a client’s highest values and align their investments accordingly. Life Matters,  encompasses the “whole you” approach to their clients rather than just about one product or one Life Situation.  Everything in financial planning is so interconnected, that a conversation is a necessity to guide to define the Challenges and provide Solutions to Any Situation that may arise as a Whole You!!!! 

Laurie’s principles will guide you into the future:

  • Empowering individuals, partners, families and groups to make choices based on their values.
  • Co-creating powerful partnerships based on shared values, integrity, and authenticity.
  • Learning and teaching empowering techniques that support people to deal with their money and resources in a holistic way, both now and in the future.