Health Insurance

Need Health Insurance Benefits??? Whether you’re an Individual, a couple or a Family, Blue Cross personal Health plans are designed with you in mind. Every Core Health plan comes with 20 Core benefits including  Emergency Ambulance Service, Hearing Aids, Health Practioners, vison care just to mention a few. Optional Benefits include Prescription Drugs, Dental,Hospital Cash, VIP Travel, Student Accident, customize the plan that is right for you. Broker for both Saskatchewan Blue Cross and Group Medical Services.  Contact us for more information.


Recently retired or preparing to retire?? Leaving an employer, switching an employer. Worried about the loss of your Personal Health Benefits?? Take advantage of the opportunity to convert your coverage!! Apply within 60 days of leaving your employer plan and experience no delay in coverage with no medical questionare. Contact us for more information or simply apply below.

• Dental
• Prescription Drugs

• Hospital Cash
• VIP Travel

• Emergency Ambulance
• Student Accident (over 18)