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Provides guarantees will promise return of your full amount invested.


How important is your ability to work?

A life insurance plan from LR Future can look after your funeral and final expenses.  The funds can provide ongoing income to maintain your family's current lifestyle, pay off your mortgage or debts and provide money for your children's education.  There are many types of plans to ensure adequate coverage now and into the future.

Although you may not think about it, your ability to earn income is a significant asset and life insurance helps replace lost income in the event of your premature death.  Here are some reasons people buy life insurance.  The death benefit may be used: 

> To replace income the family would need to maintain their standard of living after the death of a wage earner.
> To pay off a mortgage loan and other personal and business debts or to create a rent fund.
> To create a fund for children's education.
>To pay final expenses, such as funeral costs and taxes.


Have you protected your employee's with the aid of a Group Health Insurance Plan?

Critical Illness, Disability & Buy Sell Agreements

Life Insurance

Can you and your family or business survive the financial aftershock of a critical illness, disability or loss of life? Protect yourself, your beneficiaries, your partners and/or shareholders by providing the funds for a legal buy-sell agreement to:

> meet the purchase price
> make certain a buyer for the sale of the deceased's interest
> ensure an orderly continuation of your business

Ask for this and other business protection solutions available from the specialists at LR Future!

After retirement, how would you like a monthly payment?

Life insurance and health products are not provided from Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. (DFS Investments) nor are the insurance plans or services available and/or offered supervised or reviewed by DFS Investments.  DFS Investments is the mutual fund dealer through which mutual fund products and services are provided.

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