Laurie Renton’ love for business and continual learning began at an early age, as she watched her dad Larry Renton walk out of the house with a briefcase to take classes and to sell insurance. “I knew in grade three that I would run my own business one day,” says Laurie. Her mother offered her security support and the knowledge that she could do anything she put her heart into. Laurie set out to work in the insurance and investment industry. She spent her first eight years in the industry. She spent her first eight years in the industry as an employee. With smart business acumen and strong work ethic. Laurie decided to start her own business- LR Future Insurance and Investments- in her hometown Yorkton.

The team at LR Future, which includes two of her sisters, offers the following services:

*Sales and services of home, auto, farm, business, tenant and liability insurance. Focusing on providing peace of mind for you and your family.

* Investments- group plans, wealth management, farm and business succession planning, debt solutions and cash flow management(budgeting).

*Travel and Health Insurance- Blue Cross, GMS visitors to Canada and employer group benefits.

*Mortgage Insurance- protecting you and the ones you love.

*Retirement Saving- capitalizing on the compound effect of starting early and staying steady.

*Tax Free Saving Accounts- more than just a savings account, this is a great investment.

“We are grateful to provide quality investments and insurance, so everyone has piece of min, but we are so much more. In 2010 when the flood hit Yorkton, we saw more then just how devastated people were. We saw an opportunity to really have some important conversations with our clients to discuss life matters to find out what really mattered, what was truly valuable to our clients. A shift in thinking seemed to surface, from participating in the rat-race world focused on accumulation only, to a focus on family, relaxation, enjoyment of life health, happiness and helping others,” Laurie reflects, as she says how much this matches her own personal goals for her life and for her business. 

Laurie Renton loves to work with individuals, couples and groups to go through a process to discover what they truly value when it comes to finances, economics and resources. ‘It’s an eye opening experience that gives clarity and perspective. It also provides us with a high degree of understanding and awareness when it comes to recommending insurance and investments products to fit their needs.” LR Future takes this values-based approach embraces it within their own organization, uses it to serve their clients and openly shares it in their educational seminars and Life Matters events. As Laurie empathizes, we believe in values-based solutions because we have come to realize the how the why and where people insure and invest must be done with accordance with their values to be right for them.”

LR Future emerged in 1991 and is now nearing 20 years in business. At this phase of an entrepreneur’s journey, Laurie Renton and her valuable team at LR Future offers more than just an enormous understanding of the industry and good advice on investment and insurance products. With the original mission accomplished, LR Future has extended their mission to educate, teach and learn. Their guiding principles include:

*Empowering individuals, partners families and groups to make choices based on their values.

* Co- Crating powerful partnerships based on shared values, integrity and authenticity.

*Learning and teaching empowering techniques that support people to deal with their own money and resources in a holistic way, both now and into the future.

“We don’t see borders we build partnerships. We have searched for how we can provide our clients the best options and we have aligned ourselves with other professionals who share the same values and chose to co-create a powerful partnership with us. Empowerment means the choice is yours. We do our best to provide a well-rounded list of quality options,” says Laurie.

Laurie is a global entrepreneur and the team at LR Future believes in ensuring their clients have cutting edge information and the best that the industry has to offer. With that vision in mind they have created an external network of partners who are available to their hometown clients.  LR FUTURE INSURNAE AND INVESTMNETS “Where shift Happens”