The Added Value of Advice through our “Discovery Process”

As incredible as it sounds, many people spend more time planning a vacation or purchasing their next car than they spend planning their financial future. Although people want to plan for their future well-being, many do not know where to begin 

The “Discovery Process” takes the “Whole You” into consideration and guides you to a better and more clear understanding of your own personal values in relation to all areas of your life and guides you to Living Your Life in accordance with what is most important to you. (as an individual, a couple or a family)

A Balanced Approach with the Whole You in Mind

While exploring your way through the nine domains in the resource of Money, it allows you to discover the areas that require the most attention right now for you and then we get back on track, starting at Domain One. 

Expecting the Unexpected

Your Discovery Process will continue to evolve as your life circumstances change. This allows total flexibility which is required to continuously improve your overall plan. Changing life phases such as education, marriage, having children, buying a home, starting a business, dealing with an illness or helping an aging parent are a continuous part of life.

A Process Unique to You

It’s not just about the product that you invest in, but the significant importance of knowing where you are financially at the moment and then determining through your values, where you want to go and what adaptations need to take place to move toward your goals. 

Clarity of Intentions to reduce uncertainty 

To set an intention for example “I am understanding my relationship to money to make more conscious choices”, is an act to do what we say we will do. What becomes key is our ability to hold focus on what we desire to create and the amount of energy we put into it. 

Advice with Real-Life Strategies

Life Matters, strategies for personal success, entails all areas of your life and we are here to help you make informed choices, by offering you honest and straightforward advice touching in on the highest values that align with your investment needs. 

We can Transform our mindsets to work for and not against us by becoming more aware of the unconscious beliefs that keep us from living our best lives. Often its just knowing where to start that keeps you from moving forward. That’s where LR Future comes in. Call us today to start the Discovery Process today.