The other day I was in the drive through buying muffins and when I got to the window, she told me my order was already taken care of. WOW I said, that is awesome ….. she said someone ahead of me had paid.

What Kindness or Kind Act could you extend to someone today, this week or even just once a month?

Could you:

  • Buy someone a coffee next time you’re in line
  • Leave a Loonie in a cart next time you’re shopping at a the grocery store
  • Send a card by mail. When’s the last time you received something in the mail besides a bill?
  • Say hello to a stranger, it’s as simple as extending a smile and a genuine hello
  • Give a gift to someone at a senior home that has no family
  • Give money freely next time someone on the street asks you for money; give them what you have in change
  • Read to kids at the library story time
  • Take time to listen to someone; sometimes people jus need an ear
  • Start a fundraiser for a good cause and help an organization

One of my favorites is handing out “Heart Cards”. I fan them out and have people pick one at random. I love it when I see the smile on their face when they read it

I believe we must all give time to others. Even if it’s something small, do it for others. It’s not about getting paid for it but having the privilege of just doing it.


We make a Living by what we give,

We make a Life by what we Give

Winston Churchill

It’s not just a financial plan, it’s a Life Plan

Advice for Real Life starts with YOU

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