After a Divorce – this is a life situation that can present challenges and a divorce is a very emotionally difficult time. Splitting assets, paying the debts and creating a new plan are only a few of those challenges.

  • Short term cash flow
  • Accumulated debt
  • Cash flow planning
  • Saving & Investing for your Future

After Losing a Partner – this life situation brings about new difficulties, challenges and responsibilities and the following immediate needs include:

  • Covering expenses
  • Understanding your finances
  • Planning for retirement

After and Illness – this can be an emotionally difficult time, especially when it involves new expenses and a shift in your retirement plan with these immediate circumstances:

  • Having to leave your job
  • Disability payments
  • Medical payments
  • Continuing your lifestyle

After you Become an Executor – the passing of our parents or family members is a difficult time; especially when you have the responsibility of being the executor and managing the estate with these responsibilities:

  • Transition of estate
  • Liquidation of assets
  • Managing the inheritance

The Discovery Process is created to help you and your family prepare for your financial well-being. Call LR Future today to Discover Your Future and take care of those Life Situations that can take your financial well-being off track