All planning, whether it is for Vacation, Financial or Life, is all based on:

  •  Imagining the way we want things to be; which is our Vision
  • Confirming how they actually are right now; your current reality
  • Acknowledging that there is a GAP between the two
  • Understanding why there is a GAP
  • Learning what to do to close that GAP

Planning involves a Shift in Behavior. If we do not shift our behavior, we will continue doing what we are doing and get what we get, whether we want it or not

The inherent concept of Planning is  ~ Intention; which is planning for something that does not now and never will exist unless we shift our behavior and act effectively to bring what we want into our life.

Planning is usually seen as a way to answer specific questions, or deal more effectively with Changes and what I like to call Life Transitions such as Marriage, Having a Child, Buying a Home, Loss of a Job, Retirement, Divorce, Death of a Loved One or Disability

Dealing with transitions is Re-Active and often is about dealing with the life that we do not want.

Using Life Planning with the Discovery Process as a Creative and ProActive tool is about Designing the Life that we do want and shifting our behavior so that we act effectively to achieve it.

For most of us, there are always aspects of our lives that we want to enhance and this GAP may be related to: Relationships, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Family, Career or Estate and Legacy wants.

Understand your Financial position and you will be on the Road to Clarity on how you can act more effectively in the Decisions you are making now to Build a Better Future not only for YOU but for your Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren


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